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not real. but still so in love.

established May 2004

Fictional Character Crush League
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Have you ever watched a movie, like, say, Indiana Jones (or even a TV show, perhaps Dawson's Creek?) and ended up getting a crush on the character? I'm not talking liking Harrison Ford or Josh Jackson, I mean, you had a HUGE thing for their character. (in the example's cases, Indy and Pacey Witter...)

You ever feel really weird about this, 'cause, well, you're supposed to crush on the ACTOR, not the CHARACTER! The character isn't real.

Well, maybe you didn't feel like that for a movie/TV character. Maybe it was a guy in a novel. They just charmed the ever-loving heck out of you and you fell in love with him, and he's still on your "guys I'd make out with" list, even though he's not real.

Don't worry, my friend. You're NOT the only one... This community's strictly for those of us who have ever loved a fictional character--and still love 'em, as a matter of fact.

Oh, despite the seemingly girl-centricness of the info, guys are most certainly welcome. Just reccomend your favorite fictional gals to the moderator (supersyncspaz7), and she'll add their names.

And, of course, if you feel compelled to fill out the survey, go ahead:

How long have you suffered from fiction lust?:
Who was your first fictional crush?:
Who's your current favorite fiction crush in the movies?:
...in a book?:
...on TV?
Any other objects of your fictional lust?:
Which fictional characters will you always adore?:
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